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"The SES as a top organized national race series will offer young riders as well as amateurs the perfect platform to approach enduro racing. A junior promotion in this area has not existed until now and it is very close to our hearts to push this forward. The performance density in enduro is enormous and therefore it is important to gain experience at a young age."
- Anita Gehrig


The Swiss Enduro Series tries to find the balance between professional racing and a competitive experience.

ELITE Women / Men

From 21 years (2003) / Swiss Cycling Gravity license required. The license can be obtained here

OPEN Women / Men
From 21 years (2003) / no license required


From 35 years (1989) / no license required

U21 Women / Men

17 - 20 years (2004 - 2007) / no license required

U17 Women / Men

15 - 16 years (2008 - 2009) / no license required

U15 Mixed
10-14 years old (2010 - 2014) / no license required / participants under 13 years of age must ride accompanied by an adult (training + race)


From 17 years (2007) / no license required


Each SES race costs CHF 99.-, regardless of the venue.

The following services are covered:

  • Time measurement (including series evaluation)

  • Route safety and rescue concept

  • Start numbers

  • Feed station

  • Transport for training and races

  • Staff and Volunteers

How does a SES race work?

Each race consists of 4 - 6 stages (routes). The stages are connected with transfers. Transfers may include lifts and shuttles. The time is measured and accumulated exclusively on the stages.

The fastest overall time wins the respective category.

  • Each race lasts 2 days. 1 training day (each stage may only be used once) and 1 racing day

  • 4 - 6 stages are used per race, on which the time is measured.

  • The total separation time is calculated from the sum of the stages. The total separation time results in the ranking.

  • In each race, between the stages, you have to conquer 500-1500 meters of altitude on your own. The organizer can also use mountain railways, lifts and shuttles.

  • There is a Tech. Zone in the middle of the course where small repairs can be done.

  • The organizer provides you with water and a feed zone half way through the course.

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