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E-bike races are new and the E-Enduro format celebrated its world premiere in 2020 as part of the EWS-E in Zermatt! Now the Swiss Enduro Series is organizing an e-bike race in the Aletscharena. The downhill stages are identical to those of the normal race, but power stages are integrated, in which the racers also have to prove their uphill skills!

A thrilling and exciting race is guaranteed!

By working closely with the Enduro World Series (EWS), the structures and standards in the areas of safety, quality, organization and experience are aligned to world standards. Organizers and athletes are introduced to international processes in the SES. This makes the step into the international e-bike racing circuit easier and clearer.


The e-bike race consists of one category, the e-bike category!




Each SES-E race costs CHF 99.-, regardless of the venue.

The following services are covered:

Time measurement (including series evaluation)

  • Route safety and rescue concept

  • Start numbers

  • Feed station

  • Transport for training and races

  • Staff and Volunteers

How does a SES-E race work?

Each course consists of 4 - 6 downhill stages (routes). In addition, so-called power days are included, which are completed in the uphill. The stages are connected with transfers, which are mostly completed by e-bike. Transfers may include lifts and shuttles. The time will be measured and accumulated exclusively on the stages.

  • The fastest overall time wins the respective category.

  • Each race lasts 2 days. 1 training day (each stage may only be used once) and 1 race day.

  • Per race 4 - 6 stages are raced, on which the time is measured.

  • The total race time is calculated from the sum of the stages. The total race time gives the ranking.

  • In the middle of the course there is a tech zone where small repairs can be made. At this point is also the feed zone where you can get food and drink.

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